Sunday, April 2, 2017

     Yes indeed, for better or worse (probably for the WORSE...!), the "Grinding Deviance - The Return! 2017" video is edited and done!! 35:37 run time of destruction, sheep video and sounds, (BADLY done...!) stop action animation, (POORLY drawn...!) cartoons and other miscellaneous crap is complete. DVDs have not yet been pressed but will be soon. If interested, email me at:   (Please note the DOT between 'grinding' and 'deviance!')

Monday, December 26, 2016

         Grinding Deviance live at Club 8700 in Oak Park, MI.!  

     The event was titled "Art Of The Noise" and was featured at Club 8700 in Oak Park, Michigan.  G.D. blasted out noise (both prerecorded on my laptop and live) for approximately 3.5 minutes.  An electric and (scrap) acoustic guitar were both utilized and struck repeatedly with a riding crop, leather paddle and cat 'o nine tales whip.
     At the show's end, the electric guitar was smashed on the floor of the club.  Sadly (or perhaps FORTUNATELY ???), my camera did not capture the video, however photos taken that night will be posted both herein and on Facebook as they become available.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Barley Clown comic collection now available via PayPal !!!! (Poor PayPal !!)

     The complete Barley Clown comic collection (give or take...), all 712 pages PDF format is now available for sale at only $5.00 DOMESTIC orders (postage included!)   Orders OUTSIDE of the U.S.A., please inquire.
     Orders can be made via PayPal at:   (Please note the dot between the words 'grinding' and 'deviance' when ordering!)  If nothing else, observe the...uh...PROFESSIONALISM that went into the art on the DVD itself!  ;)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Newly Updated Grinding Deviance Wiki available to view!

     The completely revised Grinding Deviance Wiki is now available to view online at this link!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

AddenDUMB to the Summer 2015 update...

     The flagship comic of Grinding Deviance Comics, "Barley Clown", can be viewed every Tuesday on Facebook. (Crickets chirping in the background...)
     Just look up John Pirog on there and you'll (unfortunately!) see it.

Summer 2015 Grinding Deviance update

     Advance apologies for the lateness of this post (or perhaps I should say, "Lucky for YOU I haven't posted in so long!"  ;))
       Much has gone on in the world of Grinding Deviance since the Fall of 2013.
       Here is a the link to the short video, "A Sheep Space Western"
      Next, we have "The Barley Clown Christmas Special!"  (Don't think of it as being late for Christmas 2013 and 2014; think of this as an EARLY post for the season THIS year!..)
      Finally, we have this short, stupid clip involving a 20 gauge shotgun and an old acoustic guitar: