Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grinding Deviance (long!) Update!

Hello all you fans * of Grinding Deviance and its harsh and destructive form of nonsense noise known as Electronic Demolition Derby!  Due to Brussell's incompetence, this blog has not been updated for a very long time. Much has happened since the last posting.  Grinding Deviance 'disbanded' while John recorded a few experimental noise videos and soundtracks of his own only to 're-band' once John decided to give his altar ego 'Brussell' another chance.

 Links to the 'John solo' videos are provided below if anyone cares to see them......

Flight Of the Bumblebee With Most Mistakes

Lawrence the Lobster Joins John

Miscellaneous Jam In John's Kitchen

John also started up a noise record label of his own titled Backward Clef Label.  Thus far, only Grinding Deviance items are being featured (along w/ the public domain movie "Guy From Harlem"), but hopefully the selection will be updated soon.

 'Brussell'/John played a live Grinding Deviance gig in Detroit this past Summer.  Here is the video link if you have three minutes to waste.
Grinding Deviance live on 4th street Detroit 7 17 2013

Lastly, Grinding Deviance Comics has been extremely active over this past year or so!
     Volumes one and two of the Barley Clown series are now up for sale at  (There is also a book for sale from John containing 42 never before seen personal letters from shock rocker sensation GG Allin.  Follow the same link to view details on ordering the book)  Barley Clown runs as a strip every Tuesday on Facebook

Other miscellaneous mini comics and poorly drawn artwork have flowed from John's pen during the past few months.  Back issues of 'Mr. Special Ed', 'Wallace the Walking Fish' and 'Finned, 4 Legged Freddy' are also being sold for .25c each plus postage at the Backward Clef Label site.

John/'Brussell' have hopes and ideas for a Grinding Deviance vol. III DVD release as well as some concerts starting up during the Spring of 2014.  Talks with other area noise musicians for a collaborative effort are in the works at this time.

Stayed tuned and remember.....!  ......  Grinding Deviance rocks like no OTHER, SUCKER......So listen up, you MOTHER FUCKER !!!!

 (* all one or two of you fans out there....)