Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grinding Deviance, the worlds' WORST band, appears one last time on DVD !!!
     You heard right, folks.  Brussel Sprout, the biggest dork in the noise genre, is closing down the Grinding Deviance debacle to move on to other projects.  Before he moves on, he decided to (dis)favor everyone with one last DVD full of  exceedingly harsh electronic/computerized/industrial noise, mindless destruction of instruments and various props *, sheep 'baah-ing' sound effects, fire being used recklessly, lame puns, even lamer cartoon artwork and short skits of the general mishaps in Brussel's life.  The bonus audio track "I Feel Like My Head's About To Fall Off!!" is included as the encore and swan song of the Grinding Deviance years.

* 'Electronic demolition derby' is the trade marked, categoric name for Brussel's musical style of creating sound via the destruction of various items.

         R.I.P(uns)      Grinding Deviance     2003 - 2013

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