Saturday, December 29, 2012

Equipment used by Grinding Deviance

                                           Equipment wise, this is my current mess....uh....selection:

* Synthesizer/keyboard $30.00 (very basic) with stand
* Microphones (2, neither one 'pro')
* Small amp good enough for a tiny coffee shop or someone's little basement but that's about it.
* Miscellaneous adapters, extension cords and cables that I've acquired over time
* Power saw (VERY loud!)
* Blender (small, electric) loaded with pennies
* 3 different pedals that work w/ varying degrees of success.
* Sledgehammer
* Chainsaw (it works but the chain is not hooked up properly and must be done so by someone who knows how to do so before it can be            used)
* Static producing dollar store radios (2 or 3)
* Sound Forge computer program.
* Electric bass
* Laptop computer with some decently loud speakers!
     I also have a sheep video.  Basically, the audio portion is a blending of the 'baah' sounds from a couple of hundred sheep at the 2009 Michigan State Fair.  Visually, we are 'treated' to a bunch of corny puns printed subtitle wise across the video.

     Miscellaneous items include:

* Mannequin head as well as part of the body
* Plastic 'body parts' (Halloween style arm, hand and foot)
* Various photos of sheep (Sheep puns are a recurring theme in my videos along w/ the destruction and fire breathing)
* Hundreds of photos along w/ some video of various vacant buildings of all sorts in my area.

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