Saturday, December 29, 2012

Grinding Deviance Q & A

                                                      Grinding Deviance Q & A
Q. How would you categorize your sound ?
A. Harsh noise with a destructive twist.  An electronic demolition derby.  An anti-music assault on the status quo.  The sound of a defective washing machine falling down a flight of metal stairs while a herd of drunk sheep bellows over all.  Take your pick of any or all of the above. 

Q. Is there any purpose behind G.D. ?
A. The purpose of Grinding Deviance is to prove that a person need not be 'musically talented' to produce his or her own sounds.  Also, I want to give people a break from 'serious music' and mainstream clap trap.  My Brussell Sprout alter ego is an arrogant, goofy screw up who provides laughs (albeit often in very poor taste!) for anyone who cares to watch and listen.
     I also want to bring back the days when bands and artists blasted us with feedback, smashed instruments and props freely and engaged in carnival tricks such as fire breathing, costuming and grotesque theatrics. 

Q. What bands and artists have influenced you ?
A. The Plasmatics/Wendy O. Williams, GG Allin, Merzbow, Intense Mutilation, The (very early) Who, The Move, Arthur Brown, Anal Cunt, The Mentors, Haunted Garage, Gwar.  I am a fan of an incredibly long list of bands from every genre imaginable, but as far as G.D. itself, these are the artists who most influenced the style I chose to use. 

Q. Why do you smash and destroy so many items ?
A. There are two main reasons for this.  First, I believe that harsh audio should be complimented by equally striking visual effects. The two mesh together to form an all out, combined and complete assault on the viewer's unsuspecting senses. 
     The second reason is because the sounds (both mixed and raw) of much of the destruction is essential to the structure of the track itself.  Some tracks (such as D.E.S.T.R.O.Y. and Carnage) are constructed entirely from the sounds of the items being destroyed.
     Almost without exception, nearly every act, band or artist touring today is sorely lacking in any sort of onstage antics whatsoever.  Small as this project may be, it is my hope that it will eventually inspire a return to old school 'shock rock' visuals for the younger generation.

Q. What is with all of the sheep in your videos ?
A. No mystery there.  Next to dogs, they are my favorite animals.

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